Culture places in Puglia

Photo Challenge "Culture places in Puglia"

From 15/02/2014 to 10/25/2014 post on INSTAGRAM your photos that concern the theme of cultural places in Puglia, using the official hasthags (#luoghiculturapuglia and #cultureplacespuglia). Describe briefly the name of the place and tag the accounts luoghiculturapuglia or cultureplacespuglia .
By "cultural places" are meant, in this context, particulars of: museums, picture-galleries, historical libraries, monumental palaces, works of art, etc. located in Puglia, that you observe everyday (for residents), or you have discovered for the first time or you observed in the past and where you come back with enthusiasm (for tourists).
The spirit of the initiative is to spread, through the visitor's experience, the knowledge of the cultural sites in Puglia by means of Internet and social networks.
The aim is to disseminate a new way of experiencing the region of Puglia in a conscious and responsible way, at least in respect of our ancestors who left us in custody an invaluable historical, artistic and cultural heritage and that it is up to us to value and appreciate (hopefully)!
Puglia is not only sea, food, fun, summer, sun, crowded beaches but it is much ... much more: it is culture and knowledge, it is history ... through this challenge we entrust to residents and tourists the desire to discover and to spread it; to be promoters, we dare say MISSIONARIES of cultural knowledge and of a digital diffusion of our heritage.
Clearly, participation in the challenge is free, but ... more: we will collect every 15 days, all the photos marked with the official hashtags (#luoghiculturapuglia and #cultureplacespuglia) and tagged using the "users" luoghiculturapuglia and cultureplacespuglia and we'll select on days 2/3, 16/3 , 30/3 , 13/4 , 27/4 , 11/ 5, 25/5 , 8/6 , 22/6 , 6/ 7, 20/7, 3/8, 17/8 , 31/ 8 , 14/9 , 28/9 , 12/10, 26/10 the photograph that, during the previous 15 days, has received the highest number of "likes" and comments on Instagram.
In order to increase the informative capacity of the initiative all the photographs will be shared through the account twitter @luoghiculturapuglia and the facebook page
It is hoped that the dissemination will take place also through the sharing of photos on your own personal profiles, also using social here unspecified (pinterest, foursquare, etc.).
The reward? Simple, perhaps trivial ... but one thing is sure: you and your photograph as the protagonists! The photo that every 15 days will collect the largest "consensus" online, will be the one that will become a magnet 50*50, paid tribute and delivered by the sponsor of the initiative (bed and breakfast "La Piazzetta" of Lecce) to the photographer.
18 magnets will come to light thanks to your camera, to your resourcefulness and to your ability to spread culture sites of Puglia through internet and social networks .
In return? In return we ask you to take pictures of yourself with the magnet in the hand so that the internet world may know Puglia and its places of culture in a different way ... from the bottom!
The images must not in any way offend or exploit moral, civil and religious citizens’ convictions,  and they must respect the dignity of the person in all its forms, according to the Italian and international law.
It is not allowed to participate in the challenge by photo shots , reproductions, portraits , images relating to minors. In case of publication of photographs depicting minors and/or which offend the moral, civil and religious beliefs , in spite of the prohibition expressed above, the author of the publication shall be solely responsible in all respects civil and criminal penalties.
It is not allowed to participate with reproductions of images or shots do not own.

Participation in the challenge automatically gives the organizers the right to use the images for promotional purposes, non-commercial, of the land, the  competition and the event. At the same time the authors of publications renounce to all and any retribution, economic right or claim with reference to the spread of these images.


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